Welcome to maddock ranch

Soil. Cattle. Family.

Nestled in the heart of the Midwest

Maddock Ranch is a fourth-generation family and faith-driven operation with a clear mission:

Provide for God’s creation in a healthy, dependable, and sustainable way.

our priorities

great outcomes start at home

We believe that stewardship of the land and profitability can go hand in hand by utilizing regenerative agricultural practices. Our family has long acknowledged the link between land and people and the effects agricultural procedures can have on ecological processes.

our values

Maddock Ranch values are community values

As active members of our community, we’re committed to serving others. This commitment is reflected in Maddock Ranch’s nutrient-dense and humanely raised meat products. We take great pride in the outcome of our labor and are honored to sell our regeneratively raised beef to our friends and neighbors.



Meet the people who make up Maddock Ranch. Watch our video to learn about our mission of regenerative agriculture, and how we’re building a connection between the ranch, and our consumers.