Brian and Vicki laid the framework for many of the philosophies, both in business and life, that we use today. They raised 6 children, all of whom are still engaged in agriculture.
They started their regenerative journey in 1988 when Brian took a holistic management class from Wayne Berry, an associate professor of economics and farm management at Williston (ND) State College. Through that class, Brian realized that there was a better way to run a ranch. A way that didn’t take, but gave back to the land that was providing their way of life.
Brian’s work ethic is unmatched, he can outwork almost anyone and he’ll prove it day after day. We’ve all heard it said that grandmas make the world go ’round and this is certainly true of Vicki. Her love, support, and pride for her family are unconditional.
Travis and Mistte, along with James and Lauren, are proud to be part of their families ranching legacy. Travis uses his PhD in Animal Sciences to bring sound scientific principles and information to the ranch. He also owns and operates Dakota Global Consulting, LLC which specializes in food and feed manufacturing.
Mistte works as a paralegal at Ohnstad Twichell, PC and is the controller for Maddock Ranch. Travis and Mistte are also co-owners of 6 In 1 Meats, LLC, a processing facility in New Salem where Maddock Ranch Meats are processed.
Shane and Lindsay along with their four children, Aubrey, Emery, Luke, and Hattey reside where Maddock Ranch is headquartered. They started ranching there in the fall of 2014 when an opportunity to lease cows and acreage was presented to them. Along with ranching and working at the Maddock Ranch Supply store, Shane also works for the USPS as a contract mail carrier. Lindsay spent 12 years working for NDSU extension and is now the Owner/Manager of the Maddock Ranch Supply store in Harvey, ND. 
Shane and Lindsay will both tell you that building a ranch has had its growing pains. There have been many lessons learned and with each experience, there has been growth. Shane and Lindsay’s primary duties on the ranch are the day-to-day operations. Their focus is on making sure there are always good fences, fresh water, green grass, and quality feed. Shane is a mentor in the ND grazing lands coalition, where he provides guidance on pasture management and water development to other ranchers across the state.